Arcadia Premiere Orchid Mix

8 qt.


Made of sterilized Rexius orchid bark, washed coconut husks, and pH neutral hydrocks. This is our best general purpose orchid mix.

Our Fine size Arcadia mix is best for Brassavola, Dendrobium, Odontoglossum, Oncidium, and other fine root orchids.

Our Medium size Arcadia mix is perfect for larger root orchids like Cattleyas and specimen plants that require good drainage.

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Product Description

Each 8 qt. bag (13″ x 15″ overstuffed) will repot approximately:

12 – 4″ pots
8 – 5″ pots
5 – 6″ pots
2 – 8″ pots

Additional Information


Fine, Medium


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