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Orchid Growing Supplies

NEW T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Fixtures

The Next Generation of Horticultural Lighting
Twice as Bright as Standard Fluorescents (5,000 lumens per bulb)
More Energy Efficient (54 watts per bulb)
Longer Life (30,000 hours)

Highest Quality Fixtures
Chrome Plated Reflective Hood (4 & 6 bulb lights)
Low Profile (2 3/8″ H)
Solid State Ballasts, Very Low Heat

*FREE T5 Bulbs Included with Each Fixture

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AGROSUN Full-Spectrum Light Bulbs

The AGROSUN full-spectrum T12 bulbs are closer to natural sunlight than any others, rating 93% on the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Each bulb produces 2,450 lumens and is rated for 24,000 hours of life. The best bulb you can buy.


*Standard T12 fluorescent bulbs do not fit in the new T5 fluorescent fixtures.

Halide and Sodium Greenhouse Lights

We carry a complete line of Halide and Sodium light fixtures, ballasts and replacement bulbs – call us to discuss your application.


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